Vocabulary: poleaxed – stunned, to say the least

Title: For the Win
Author: Cory Doctorow
  • He got three steps before two rocks caught him, one in the arm and the second in the face, a spray of blood and a crunch of bone and a tooth that flew high in the air as the boy fell backwards as if poleaxed.
  • He'd never had much use for art, but he'd been poleaxed by these ones.

Page: 276 & 317

Word: poleaxed
  • to attack or fell with or as with a poleax (a long-handled battle-ax)
   Source: YourDictionary.com

Interesting to find this ‘new to me’ word used both literally and figuratively in the book. I have not had much experience with battle axes but am betting my kids have in their virtual worlds.

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