Indian in the Cupboard by Lynne Reid Banks

Top 100 Kids Fiction #99

Book Info

Indian in the Cupboard
Publisher: Avon Camelot
ISBN-10: 0380600129
ISBN-13: 978-0380600120
Started: 04/27/2010
Finished: 05/07/2010
Source: Bookworm

Publisher Synopsis
It all starts with a birthday present Omri doesn't even want -- a small plastic Indian of no use to him at all. But when an old wooden cupboard and a special key bring the unusual toy to life, Omri's Indian becomes his most important secret: precious, dangerous, wonderful, and above all, magical.

Author Info
Lynne Reid Banks was born in London. After studying at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, she acted and wrote for the repertory stage. Later, she turned to journalism, becoming one of Britain's first female television news reporters. In 1962 she emigrated to Israel, where she married a sculptor, had three sons and taught for eight years in a kibbutz. She now lives with her husband in England. She writes, travels, and visits schools, at home and abroad, full-time. Among Lynne Reid Banks's popular novels for young readers are Angela and Diabola; Harry the Poisonous Centipede; The Fairy Rebel; The Farthest-Away Mountain; The Adventures of King Midas; The Magic Hare; Maura's Angel; and the award-winning Indian in the Cupboard books.

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