Bible: Contemporary English Version

A very interesting translation. The audio version I am listening to states that it was designed to be ‘listened to’ and not just read.
I do hear a number of passages that the translation appears to be a bit off but overall has been an interesting version to listen to.

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Bible: Contemporary English Version
Publisher: American Bible Society
ISBN-10: 1585162183
ISBN-13: 978-1585162185
Started: 01/01/2010
Source: Library

Publisher Synopsis
The CEV uses gender-sensitive language for humanity and not for the Godhead. The translation also takes care to simplify "Bible" terms into more understandable words and phrases. An example can be found in Exodus 20:14 where the word adultery is translated Be faithful in marriage. The translators have also taken great care to translate the Greek phrase hoi Ioudaioi (literally, "the Jews") as "the Jewish leaders," especially in the Gospel of John (as in John 18:14). The CEV translators believe that the Greek phrase hoi Ioudaioi in the Gospel of John primarily refers to the Jewish leadership. They believe that their translation of hoi Ioudaioi as "the Jewish leaders" is accurate and that it "will reduce the perception of Anti-Semitism in the New Testament."

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