Vocabulary: slake – to quench

Title: Tinkers
Author: Paul Harding
Sentence: But what, scurrilous babbler? Shall your barren wind slake the flame burning within my own heart? By no means!
Page: 140

Word: slake
  • to allay (thirst, desire, wrath, etc.) by satisfying.
  • to cool or refresh: He slaked his lips with ice.
  • to make less active, vigorous, intense, etc.: His calm manner slaked their enthusiasm.
  • Origin: before 1000; Middle English: slaken to mitigate, allay, moderate, lessen one's efforts
   Source: Dictionary.com

Sounds like a synonym for ‘quench’. Slake sounds very odd till you type out ‘quench’ and realize it may not be so odd after all especially when you see the origin of the word is the same as ‘slack.’

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