Vocabulary: intaglio – engraved design

Title: Tinkers
Author: Paul Harding
Sentence: ... and that perhaps while that someone else dreamed, he was free to live his waking life, so that this alternating, interdependent series of lives formed a sort of intaglio; the waking day of each shadow was the opposite side of its possessor's sleep.
Page: 181

Word: intaglio
  • a design or figure carved, incised, or engraved into a hard material so that it is below the surface
  • something, as a gem or stone, ornamented with such a design or figure
  • the art or process of making such designs or figures
  • a method of printing from a plate on which incised lines, which carry the ink, leave a raised impression
  • a die cut to produce a design in relief
   Source: YourDictionary.com

Have no clue what the authors intended definition of this word might be, though the closest possible is #4 with the idea of a print that is opposite of the raised area of the plate.

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