Vocabulary: freshet – overflowing stream

Title: Tinkers
Author: Paul Harding
Sentence: He resisted the desire to stop the wagon and give Prince Edward an apple and crawl into the shadows and sit quietly and become a part of the slow freshet of night, or to stop the wagon and simply remain on the bench and watch the shadows approach and pool around the wagon wheels and Prince Edward's hooves and eventually reach the soles of his shoes and then his ankles, until mule, cart, and man were submerged in the flood tide of night, because the secrets gathered in the shadows at the tree line and rustled and waited until he passed, and which made the hair on his arms and the back of his neck stand on end and his scalp tighten when he felt them flooding, invisible, the road around him, were dispelled each time he turned his direct attention to them, scattered to just beyond his sight.
Page: 53

Word: freshet
  • A sudden overflow of a stream resulting from a heavy rain or a thaw.
  • A stream of fresh water that empties into a body of salt water.
   Source: The Free Dictionary

freshet, pool, submerged, flood tide. Interesting words to describe elongating shadows as night comes on.

I would like to have a freshet of thought.

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