Vocabulary: factotum – wishing I had my own

Title: Mr. Toppit
Author: Charles Elton
Sentence: On a spring day in 1981, Arthur Hayman, now in his sixties and lately the author of an obscure set of children's books, but when younger general factotum to the British film industry in the shape of sometime editor, sometime scriptwriter, and one-time director of the 1948 film entitled Love's Capture, not well reviewed at the time and not remembered precisely as a milestone in the oeuvre of Phyllis Calvert—so tenuously remembered, in fact, that the title, having once been misprinted in a Festchrift to its star as Love's Captive, now tended to be referred to, when it was referred to at all, as "Love's Captive (a.k.a. Love's Capture)"—was walking through the gardens in the center of Soho Square.
Page: 22

Word: factotum
  • An employee or assistant who serves in a wide range of capacities.
   Source: The Free Dictionary

I am not sure, but I think this was the example run-on sentence used by my high school English teacher.

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