Vocabulary: eponymous – sorta kinda not anonymous

Title: Last Call
Author: Daniel Okrent
Sentence: Many more, though, reviled Volstead for his eponymous connection to Prohibition enforcement: for instance, the Milwaukee man who blamed him for the spread of poisonous liquor and believed he should be "convicted of murder in the first degree and punished by death"; or the Philadelphian who said "You made a Bolshevik out of me"; or the New York cop who suggested that "a perfectly good bullet" would be wasted on Volstead.
Page: 234

Word: eponymous
  • of, relating to, or being the person or thing for whom or which something is named
  • of, relating to, or being an eponym
   Source: Merriam-Webster Online

I just hope I never have a syndrome named after me.

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