Vocabulary: Chivvied

Title: Heresy
Author: S.J. Parris
Sentence: A chill wind chivvied the dark rain clouds in drifts across the sky, revealing a higher layer of pearl-grey cloud as the rain thinned and finally ceased altogether.
Page: 248

Word: chivvy
  • to fret; harass; nag
  • to manipulate
  • [Brit.] to hunt; chase
   Source: YourDictionary.com

Interesting word, not sure I will ever be able to use it. In looking for uses of the word on the web it was interesting that 2 of the first uses I found also were in relation to clouds:

The clouds that had chivvied Lord Peter on his way back from Trinity swelled still more ominously as evening approached, and shortly before midnight they let down their burden with a savage fervour.
[The Incident of the Fellow in the Fellows' Garden](http://www.englishanddrama.at/FannishStuff/wimseyfic/chap11.htm)

If I were a CIO—and especially one being chivvied into cloud computing by a CEO hot to trot based on an article in The Economist….

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