Twitter Tuesday – 2010/12/21

TwitterNot everything makes it to the blog. Twitter is, of course, a great place to post links and thoughts as they occur. Weekly, on Twitter Tuesday, I try to pull them into a blog post and add some more substance to the 140 characters.

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Thanks @ !! Received copy of 'Bliss, Remembered' by Frank Deford of NPR and Sports Illustrated fame.
Looks to be an interesting book! Hope to start it soon.

Mailbox: Received ARC of The Trinity Six by Charles Cumming - Looks to be a great spy thriller
Hope I don't get too far behind in my reading this next year.

Abandoned 'Freedom' audiobook by Jonathan Franzen and started listening to The Postcard Killers by James Patterson
Started it two times but could never get into the groove of the story.

Caddie Woodlawn, Last Call, Decision Points, & The Postcard Killers
4 books, 2 already finished, still working on Last Call & Decision Points.

Love it! Christmas Tree at Gleeson Library in San Francisco Doubt my wife would ever consider it for our house.
A Christmas tree of books, very nice.

Finished Reading: Caddie Woodlawn by Carol Ryrie Brink. Is #93 of Top 100 Kids books
Great kids book! Highly recommend.

Great review of Android eReader apps over at @ - I am using the Nook app but always open to change
I like the Barnes & Noble Nook App because it allows me to highlight text and make notes. Aldiko is a close 2nd but it is missing the ability to highlight and notate. Maybe the promised 2.0 version will include this.

RT Best video of the week? Might have to be the Brontë Sisters Power Dolls.
The Brontësaurus looks quite menacing.

Just Finished: Postcard Killers (Audiobook) by James Patterson & Liza Marklund
Interesting book. Not to many surprises though just a gruesome story.

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