Review: Trust Agents by Chris Brogan & Julien Smith

Title: Trust Agents
Author: Chris Brogan
Author: Julien Smith
Pub: Wiley
ISBN: 978-0470743089
Started: 02/05/2010
Finished: 03/11/2010
Source: Library

Social Media is here. Now.
If you have a business you need to have a social presence on the web.
Even if you are not going to be active, others may be talking about your company and product and so you need to be listening.
Chris Brogan and Julien Smith do a good job of showing not only how you can become involved in Social Media but also why.

In order to have a voice in the new media world you need to be seen as someone who can be trusted and not just a shill for company.
If all you do is publish company sales pitches like a carnival barker or a TV commercial then you will be tuned out, which means ignored completely.
To become a part of the community you need to contribute to the community.
You can do this by sharing your expertise in a non-threatening manner and thereby becoming known as the go-to-guy for your field.

The book gives many practical ideas on how to interact in the new medium.
One of the suggestions I have attempted to implement is to interact on various blogs by leaving relevant comments to participate in & create conversation.
This gets my name & website out on blogs that are relevant to my blogs which not only drives traffic to my sites but also introduces me to many more people than if I just stayed at my blog and waited for them to come to me.

I would definitely recommend this book to those who are wondering how to use social media for their business and why.

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