Review: Still Missing by Chevy Stevens

Title: Still Missing
Author: Chevy Stevens
Pub: St. Martins Press
ISBN: 978-0312595678
Started: 05/20/2010
Finished: 05/29/2010
Source: Publisher ARC

Annie O’Sullivan was abducted and held hostage for over a year by a psychopath control freak trying to create his own family at an isolated cabin in the mountains.
He not only abused her sexually and physically but also psychologically, keeping her locked in the cabin and scheduling everything, even her visits to the bathroom.

We hear the story from Annie’s point of view as she talks to her therapist.
As she recounts her abduction, captivity, and eventual escape, the story she tells is not only compelling but is also quite disturbing.
Now home, she wonders if she will ever be able to readjust and overcome the paranoia that forces her to sleep in the security of her closet at night.

The reader is drawn into the story quite effectively.
I felt like I was there, sometimes as the detached therapist but sometimes as Annie herself.
Some of the scenes were so disturbing I wanted to go shower and get clean, myself, afterward.

“Why me?” is the questions many victims ask.
Was it coincidence? Was it just random?
Through the course of her therapy sessions Annie discovers the horror is not over and that the truth might be more than she can bear.

The last couple chapters, just when you were wondering how the story was going to end, kept me up way past bed time.

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