Review: Fools Rush In by Bill Carter

Title: Fools Rush In
Author: Bill Carter
Pub: Schaffner Press
ISBN: 978-0982433294
Started: 04/12/2010
Finished: 04/23/2010
Source: Publisher ARC


Fools Rush In. Or as the saying goes, “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.”
The siege of Sarajevo in the early 1990s was just such a place.
Bill Carter’s memoir is the heart wrenching story of how he found himself in this seven-mile by one-mile prison and the filming of the award-winning documentary, Miss Sarajevo, that would be made famous by the band U2.

The people of Sarajevo were there because they could not leave. Bill Carter tells their story, their living of life in the face of death, as he himself tempts death so that he can escape the pain his own life has brought him.
In the suffering and death that surrounds him everyday in Sarajevo, Carter finds a people that continue to live their lives without surrendering to despair.
And in the process he begins to put his own pain into perspective and share in the small joys that life can bring.


I was caught up in the story from the start.
Trying to imagine why anyone who didn’t have to be in Sarajevo at that time would place themselves there in harms way.
But as he is there, Carter allows us to share in his experiences thereby the experiences of the people of Sarajevo.

After reading the book, I want to see the 30 minute documentary, Miss Sarajevo.
I found some excerpts on YouTube and watched the video of U2′s performance of the title song.
But the documentary would be quite interesting.

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