Books I am Currently Reading

I try to have a couple of books open at any one time.
These will be chosen from the book lists in the right column as well as books from my personal library.

Listed below are the books I am currently reading:

Title: Life
Author: Keith Richards
Author: James Fox


Started: 01/16/2011
Source: Library
Reason: New York Times #1 Best Seller Non-Fiction – November 14, 2010 – 2 weeks
Map: Dartford, Kent

Title: The Inner Circle
Author: Brad Meltzer

The Inner Circle

Started: 03/01/2011
Finished: 03/09/2011
Source: Library - Audio CD
Reason: NYT #1 Best Seller Hardcover Fiction – January 30, 2011 - 1 week
Format: Audio CD
Map: Washington D.C.

6 Responses to “Books I am Currently Reading”

  1. GaryPaulson says:

    I finished the audio version of Resilience by Elizabeth Edwards and now it is time to start a new audiobook.
    Oprah: A Biography” by Kitty Kelley spent 3 weeks as #1 on the New York Times Best Sellers list starting May 2nd so I checked it out from the library and am listening to it now.

  2. GaryPaulson says:

    Just finished the first book in my Top 100 Books of All Time book queue.
    I am not sure I had ever finished 1984 by George Orwell before but now I can say that I have.

    Looking at my book queue, I am not sure which title I will pull from the list next. War and Peace just appears to be too intimidating.

  3. GaryPaulson says:

    The Sword by Bryan Litfin was an interesting read, telling of the reintroduction of Christianity to a future that was destroyed by nuclear war.

    Moving from a fantasy future to a fantasy past, I will be starting Blood Oath by Christopher Farnsworth. Let us see how a vampire in the President’s service has helped shape U.S. history over the last 140 years.

  4. GaryPaulson says:

    I finished reading Indian in the Cupboard which was #99 on the Top 100 Children’s Novels list.
    I don’t have #98 & #97 so it is time to start reading #96 The Witches by Roald Dahl.

  5. GaryPaulson says:

    Just finished Still Missing by Chevy Stevens. Quite the story.

    Now I think I will pull out She’s So Dead to Us by Kieran Scott.

  6. GaryPaulson says:

    Finished With the Old Breed last night.

    Have not decided what to start reading yet, probably one of my Advance Reader Copy books.

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