Quote: Going to the Woodshed

Title: Caddie Woodlawn
Author: Carol R Brink
Page: 68

She [Miss Parker] whipped out her ruler, and laid it sharply across that section of Obediah’s person on which he was accustomed to sit.
For the second time that day he yelped with surprise and pain.
He had a slow brain, and he had never really expected to have his authority questioned.
When it finally dawned upon him that “teacher dast,” he began to struggle.
But he was too late.
Miss Parker had already tasted the fruits of victory.
She dealt him three more good smacks and then with a shake she let him go.

“Now, Obediah,” she said, “go to the woodshed.
You may either go home and never enter this schoolhouse again, or you may come back in five minutes and behave yourself like a gentleman the rest of the time you are here.
Make your choice.”

Try to do that today …

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