Quote: Wars to Preserve Liberty Cost Us Freedom

Title: Last Call
Author: Daniel Okrent
Page: 100

As Charles Merz put it in The Dry Decade, the wartime emergency enabled Wilson with scant public opposition, to “seize railways, requisition factories, take over mines, fix prices, put an embargo on all exports, commandeer all ships, standardize all loaves of bread, punish all careless use of fuel, draft men for an army, and send that army to a war in France.”
Compared to all that, closing down distilleries and breweries didn’t seem so radical at all.

It is amazing that every time there is a war to ‘preserve’ our country we lose some of our freedoms in the process

2 Responses to “Quote: Wars to Preserve Liberty Cost Us Freedom”

  1. Mystie says:

    But where do we loose them to? ;)

  2. GaryPaulson says:

    They run around loose cause we lost them! Argh. One of my reoccurring spelling errors. (fixed).

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