Quote: War on Horror

Title: Blood Oath
Author: Christopher Farnsworth
Page: 22

  “There are worse things in this world than al-Qaeda and North Korea, Zach. And they are just waiting for their chance at us.”
  He gestured at the room, all the objects in it.
  “These artifacts—they’re all relics of their attempts to break out of the shadows and into the daylight. Into our lives.
  “Humanity will not survive that. They’re an infection, and they spread like Ebola. Whatever it takes, we have to keep that border between light and dark. Ore we lose. Everything. Every one of us will die.
  “Someone has to hold the line. That’s what we do. We fight every incursion they make. They invade; we repel. Forget the War on Terror, Zach. This is the War on Horror. And you’ve just been drafted.”

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