Quote: Yes, and… no need to be negative

Title: Trust Agents
Author: Chris Brogan
Author: Julien Smith
Page: 244f

It is easy to shoot down ideas, to play devil’s advocate. It is much harder to be creative and find ways to make things work. Here is an idea taken from improv comedy acts:

No matter what the situation, in improv the intention is always “yes, and.” The premise of this rule is that to collaborate, you can never crush a scene by saying no to the imagination of another participant. Thus, if two people are in a scene, and one advances the story in some way, it’s important to answer any question by first displaying your acceptance and ten advancing the story: “Yes, and . . . “

“you’ve added something, and you’re on the solution side of the equation

I have a very hard time staying on the positive side of ideas. It is easy for me to see why things won’t work and then putting the other person on the defensive. I am printing up a “Yes, and…” sign to put on my desk to remind me to contribute to a conversation rather than attack.

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