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[LoudLit.org](http://www.loudlit.org) one of a handful of sites dedicated to making good literature available for free online.
LoudLit’s distinction is that besides being able to download the audio version, you can read the text online in-sync with the text.
The site says: *”Putting the text and audio together, readers can learn spelling, punctuation and paragraph structure by listening and reading masterpieces of the written word.”*
I would think this would be a great feature for those learning English as a second language.

Below are the titles that are currently available on LoudLit.org

## Novels
- [Adventures of Huckleberry Finn](http://www.loudlit.org/works/hfinn.htm) by Mark Twain
- [Heart of Darkness](http://www.loudlit.org/works/heartofdarkness.htm) by Joseph Conrad
- [The Secret Sharer](http://www.loudlit.org/works/secretsharer.htm) by Joseph Conrad
- [A Tale of Two Cities](http://www.loudlit.org/works/twocities.htm) by Charles Dickens
- [Typee](http://www.loudlit.org/works/typee.htm) by Herman Melvile

## Short Stories
- [The Gift of the Magi](http://www.loudlit.org/works/magi.htm) by O. Henry
- [The Happy Prince](http://www.loudlit.org/works/prince.htm) by Oscar Wilde
- [How I Edited an Agricultural Paper](http://www.loudlit.org/works/paper.htm) by Mark Twain
- [On the Decay of the Art of Lying](http://www.loudlit.org/works/decay.htm) by Mark Twain
- [The Open Window](http://www.loudlit.org/works/window.htm) by Saki
- [The Pit and the Pendulum](http://www.loudlit.org/works/pitandpendulum.htm) by Edgar Allen Poe
- [The Tell-Tale Heart](http://www.loudlit.org/works/heart.htm) by Edgar Allen Poe
- [To Build a Fire](http://www.loudlit.org/works/fire.htm) by Jack London

## Poetry
- [Alone](http://www.loudlit.org/works/alone.htm) by Edgar Allen Poe
- [Annabel Lee](http://www.loudlit.org/works/annabel.htm) by Edgar Allen Poe
- [Corinna's Going A Maying](http://www.loudlit.org/works/corinna.htm) by Robert Herrick
- [Danny Deever](http://www.loudlit.org/works/deever.htm) by Rudyard Kipling
- [A Description of a City Shower](http://www.loudlit.org/works/cityshower.htm) by Edgar Allen Poe
- [A Dream Within a Dream](http://www.loudlit.org/works/dream.htm) by Edgar Allen Poe
- [Eldorado](http://www.loudlit.org/works/eldorado.htm) by Edgar Allen Poe
- [Goblin Market](http://www.loudlit.org/works/goblin.htm) by Christina Rossetti
- [The Highwayman](http://www.loudlit.org/works/highwayman.htm) by Alfred Noyes
- [Ode to the West Wind](http://www.loudlit.org/works/westwind.htm) by Percy Bysshe Shelley
- [The Raven](http://www.loudlit.org/works/raven.htm) by Edgar Allen Poe
- [Rime of the Ancient Mariner](http://www.loudlit.org/works/mariner.htm) by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
- [Selected Shakespearean Sonnets](http://www.loudlit.org/works/sonnets.htm) by William Shakespeare
- [To the Virgins to Make Much of Time](http://www.loudlit.org/works/virgins.htm) by Robert Herrick

## Children’s
- [Briar Rose ](http://www.loudlit.org/works/rose.htm) by The Brothers Grimm
- [Clever Gretel](http://www.loudlit.org/works/gretel.htm) by The Brothers Grimm
- [The Emperor's New Clothes](http://www.loudlit.org/works/clothes.htm) by Hans Christian Andersen
- [King Grisly-beard](http://www.loudlit.org/works/grisly.htm) by The Brothers Grimm
- [The Little Match Girl](http://www.loudlit.org/works/matchgirl.htm) by Hans Christian Andersen
- [Rapunzel](http://www.loudlit.org/works/rapunzel.htm) by The Brothers Grimm
- [The Traveling Musicians](http://www.loudlit.org/works/musicians.htm) by The Brothers Grimm

## Historical
- [The Declaration of Independence](http://www.loudlit.org/works/declaration.htm) by Thomas Jefferson et. al
- [The Gettysburg Address](http://www.loudlit.org/works/gettysburg.htm) by Abraham Lincoln

Note:Originally published on my old Audiobook blog

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