LiteralSystems Audiobooks – Free Professionally Recorded Classics

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[LiteralSystems]( publishes classic literary works as free mp3 audio books under the Creative Commons License.
What sets there recordings apart from others is that they utilize paid performers to create the recordings.
Due to the cost of using paid help the selection is limited but the recordings are all of the highest quality.

I like what the site admin says about why he uses paid performers:
> On average an hour long audio book requires about four or five hours of work on the part of the actor to make it good. Consider, during the recording stage, the actors also have to deal with the director (yours truly) calling “…one more time.” from the next room; this process tends to be more work than most volunteers want to put in. But, because the director (yours truly) likes the results better, in the last two years, in this fashion, we have moved largely away from working with volunteer performers to a paid performers situation.

Below is a list of the titles that are currently available:

- [The Little Match Girl]( by Hans Christian Andersen
- [An Occurance at Owl Creek Bridge]( by Ambrose Bierce
- [The Empty House]( by Algernon Blackwood
- [Excerpt from Don Quijote]( by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
- [Rime of the Ancient Mariner]( by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
- [The Secret Sharer]( by Joseph Conrad
- [Heart of Darkness]( by Joseph Conrad
- [The Upper Berth]( by Francis Marion Crawford
- [A Tale of Two Cities]( by Charles Dickens
- [Briar Rose]( by the Brothers Grimm
- [Travelling Musicians, The]( by the Brothers Grimm
- [donaco de la Magoj, la]( by O Henry
- [The Gift of the Magi]( by O Henry
- [The Monkey's Paw]( by W.W. Jacobs
- [The Elephant's Child]( by Rudyard Kipling
- [Gunga Din]( by Rudyard Kipling
- [Rikki-Tikki-Tavi]( by Rudyard Kipling
- [To Build A Fire]( by Jack London
- [The Heathen]( by Jack London
- [Saves You Time]( by Kendall McCook
- [The Highwayman]( by Alfred Noyez
- [The Pit and the Pendulum]( by Edgar A. Poe
- [Goblin Market]( by Christina Rossetti
- [Adventures of Huckleberry Finn]( by Mark Twain
- [On the Decay of the Art of Lying]( by Mark Twain
- [2BR02B]( by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
- [The Red Room]( by H.G.Wells
- [The Happy Prince]( by Oscar Wilde

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