Getting Started on Twitter

Title: Twitterville
Author: Shel Israel
Page: 264f

Here is the list of 7 things you should do to begin your journey into Twitterville:

  1. Show Yourself. (Photo & Bio)
  2. Read First. Talk Later. (Always best to get the lay of the land before you start)
  3. Post Second. Follow Later. (No one wants to follow someone who has never said anything interesting).
  4. Friends Over Stars. (It is about the conversation, not the numbers).
  5. Avoid Spammer Stats. (Following 1,149 people with only 3 following you back will mark you as a Spammer).
  6. Have Favorites. (Something I have never done but probably should)
  7. Take Your Time. (Start slow. Don’t try to be too aggressive)
  8. Think Neighborhood. (Meet people one at a time)

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