Finished! Tinkers by Paul Harding

Title: Tinkers
Author: Paul Harding

Only 191 pages, and maybe not many more sentences. In his final days, while confined to a bed with family all around, George’s life begins to scroll through his memory. But not just his, his father’s memories also start to meld into George’s memories, passing back and forth between them in a mixed stream of consciousness.

I found a couple paragraphs that I had the kids attempt to read. Many sentences were more than a half page long, spliced with commas, I suppose trying to paint a picture that I just was not seeing. The ‘best’ sentence started on page 180 and finished on page 182, even throwing two words, vastation, scurf, and intaglio, that I had to look up. (They will be my ‘vocabulary words’ for the next 3 days.)

I am guessing I am just not up to reading this ‘high’ literary stuff.

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