Definition: vastation – just devastation minus the de

Title: Tinkers
Author: Paul Harding
Sentence: He imagined his own sleeping form, imagined, that if one could see the supine figure floating not upon the vastness of the dark ocean of sleep but reposing in the vastation itself, the soul or whatever name one cared to give it divested of the body, so that what seemed reposing body was simply the most likely image of the whatever named soul, ...
Page: 180

Word: vastation
  • A laying waste; waste; depopulation; devastation.
   Source: The Free Dictionary

I have read and reread the sentence and have not a clue what the ‘vastation’ is referring to. Of course it does not help that the sentence itself runs on for another page with a myriad of commas.

One Response to “Definition: vastation – just devastation minus the de”

  1. Jim Paulson says:

    Would that be “duh-vestating” to read and reread and still be clueless? Welcome to my world! LOL

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