Classic Tales Podcast – Unabridged Classics for a New Generation

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Each week the [Classic Tales Podcast]( delivers an unabridged classic short story professionally performed by the host, B.J. Harrison.
With the podcast, B.J. attempts to make unabridged classics available and approachable to a media savvy generation and provide a healthy dose of enchantment and adventure from such timeless authors as Dickens, Hardy, Hawthorne, Poe, Stevenson.
His choice of stories, he says, are those will uplift and inspire and never to degrade which is his definition of what it means to be a “classic”.

According to the website, B.J. first fell in love with the classics when ran across a comic book version of Hamlet at age 12.
As a teenager, he loved to listen to the old radio dramatizations including Frankenstein, War of the Worlds, and the works of Edgar Allan Poe.
For the last 11 years, he has been able to listen to audiobooks while he works and became acquainted with many colorful characters like David Copperfield, Jane Eyre, Ivanhoe, and many others.
The allure of these tales was enhanced for him by the performance of the reader in the presentation of the story.
He uses what he learned to bring to life the stories presented in his podcast.

I appreciated B.J.’s pledge that he will not publish explicit material of any kind in The Classic Tales.
It is nice to know that this will always be a family friendly podcast.
I can listen to these stories to my kids and not need to awkwardly fast forward through portions.

He also sells some longer stories as audiobooks.
He currently has 3 for sale, [The Invisible Man & The Time Machine](,
the [Edgar Allan Poe Collection](,
and [Treasure Island](…).
Each of these is available for instant download at $9.99 each.
I will probably be adding these to my collection shortly.

# Details
- Website:
- RSS:
- Host: B.J. Harrison
- Started: June 2007
- Frequency: Weekly
- Duration: 30-45 minutes
- BackIssues: Last 3 available online

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