Book a Month Gift Cards for Grandkids

Bookworm Gift Card
Unlike some kids on YouTube, my 3 older grandkids (ages 2, 5, and 7) love getting books for Christmas.
One of the presents I gave them this year was a home made gift card good for a book a month at our local used bookstore.

When my kids were younger I would take them to the Bookworm to choose any used book they wanted.
Now I not only have an excuse to take my grandkids with me to do the same, I will be held accountable to do it.
I will make sure the bookstore has a hole punch, or will bring my own, so that when I pay for their books we can get each card punched.

I created the card using the open-source graphics program, GIMP, and then had them printed as photos at Costco.
I then trimmed them down to 4×2.5 inches. If anyone wants the source file used to create the card, let me know.

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